Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My inspiration for creating this blog:

There he is. The reason I need to get my act together. The reason I need to plan eight bajillion activities each day to keep him entertained, busy, and occupied while I try to keep a decent looking house (I've given up on clean for now) AND educate his older sisters.

The purpose of this blog (seperate from my other blog) is to give others with one year olds (with or without older siblings) ideas, and share great links and books, etc. And, to keep a log of what we're doing right now so when the next baby comes (hopefully in another year and a half or so), I won't have to start from scratch! I wish I had kept up with what I did with my oldest daughter when she was 18 months or so (and I had a new baby, and was trying to entertain her as well).

I'll begin posting "lesson plans" this week, while my older girls are still 'tracked out' and I'm planning for our time when we start back. This is the time when I'll also be planning what to do with the little one.