Saturday, May 24, 2008

Letter S

Circle Time:
Alphabet Song
Simple Simon Rhyme
Auditory directions (things like "clap, pat, clap" you could adjust the difficulty of these to the ability of your child)
Simon Says

Gray Squirrel

Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your fluffy tail.
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your fluffy tail.
Wrinkle up your little nose,
Hold a nut between your toes.
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your fluffy tail.

Hop, Skip, Touch Your Nose: Math game
Recognizing Numbers-1-4, introduce 5.
Introduce coins: Penny (maybe nickel)
Measuring the length of common snakes (again)—we’ve been seeing lots of snakes lately, so we’re going to repeat this activity.

Fine Motor: Playdoh Snakes (cut them w/scissors after forming letter S with snake);
Gross motor: slither like snakes; skip;
Block Play: Lego's
Learning TIme: letter S (strawberry, snake, shoe)
Make a rattle snake sound shaker;
Letter S mini-book from
Letter S cutout, cut out a large S from construction paper/poster board and allow the child to cover it with star stickers.

Writing/Penmanship: Tracing straight lines; Tracing Letter S on the sound shaker.

Social Studies/Science:

Animal Habitats: Where do snakes live? A snake is a reptile, and reptiles are cold blooded (meaning they have to get their warmth from the sun). Now we know why we see them laying on the road!

Art: Straw painting

Concept: Rectangle (review oval, square, circle, triangle, heart, STAR and moon) Try drawing a circle/square/triangle;

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Letter R

Rainbow Fish
What Makes a Rainbow?


Learn the charachteristics of a reptile, look at pictures of reptiles.

Make a "poisonous frog" poster

Arts and Crafts:

Rainbow Coloring Page

Rainbow painting

Necktie snakes

SnakeTake a large circle, cut a spiral into the circle. Add two eyes and a tongue and hang. It will bounce a little!

Tissue paper rainbow.
Pre-cut tissue paper in rainbow colors (small squares).
Cut a half circle for each student.
Glue squares on the half circle in the order of the rainbow to make the rainbow stick out. Let dry over night and then add long streamers from the bottom and add a yarn hanger at the top to display the rainbows in your class.

Measuring SnakesMeasure out different kinds of snakes with yarn. The kids will be amazed by how long a boa constrictor really is!

Count the colors in the rainbow.
Review numerals and counting.

Fine Motor:
Play-doh snakes

Slippery Salamanders (from jello)

Learning Time:
Letter R mini book from
Game/Gross Motor:
Leap Frog
Discovery bottles of the different colors.


Lizard Finger play(Use fist of one hand to represent the lizard - have pointer finger move in and out of fist quickly to be the lizard's tongue. 5 fingers of the other hand are the bugs that "disappear" as the lizard's fast tongue "gets" them.)
5 little bugs on the forest floor Along came a sticky tongue lizard ... SLURP!!!
Now there are 4.
4 little bugs on a kapok tree
Along came s sticky tongue lizard ... SLURP!!!
Now there are 3.
3 little bugs without a single clue.....
2 little bugs soaking up the hot sun....
1 little bug knew that he was done.....
Now there are none.

Boa Constrictor Song--
I am being swallowed by a boa constrictor,
I am being swallowed by a boa constrictor.
Oh no, he's swallowed my toes. ( grab toes)
Oh no, he's swallowed my toes.
Oh gee, he is up to my knees. (grab knee)
Oh gee, he is up to my knees.
Oh fiddle, he swallowed my middle.( wrap arms around your middle)
Oh fiddle, he swallowed my middle.
Oh heck, he is up to my neck.( put hand around neck)
Oh heck, he is up to my neck.
Oh dread, he swallowed my...(Gulp very loud)
Oh dread, he swallowed my...gulp

Letter M

Social Studies:
Manners (focus on good manners and asking for things we want, not demanding)
Review parent's names, and begin learning address.


We think mice are nice.
Oh, we think mice are nice!
Mice have [ noses that twitch and sniff].
We think mice are nice!

Repeat the song using feet that hurry and scurry and then with whiskers that wiggle and jiggle.

Counting to three
Recognizing numerals 1, 2, and 3
CENTER: Moose Muffin game

Fine Motor:
Muffin cups: scraps of paper with the numbers 1-3 on them, using small tongs, move the correct number of pom-pom's into the cup with the matching number;

Moose Magnets
Mouse craft:
May Day baskets

Learning Time:
M Mini Book:

Snack: Muffins