Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great Toddler Site!

So, this is something I stumbled upon today, and it is my new favorite.

Toddler Activities by Jean Warren

Check it out!

Letter N

(I am several weeks behind, and have lots of letters I need to post, but I'm going to get this up right now while I have the file open!)

Nest: Playdoh nest, or make a nest from various materials, including things from nature (we pressed grass into our playdoh nests). We made eggs as well (to review letter E). Letter N worksheet and mini book

Number Collage--using the sales flyers from the newspaper (or the financial section would work as well) cut out numbers. The child I teach is visual, and I think he'll appreciate the wider variety of colors and sizes provided by the sales flyers. Glue them on to construction paper. Talk about the numbers as you cut them out.

Decorate N: Glue colored noodles onto a large cutout N shape, you could use construction paper or cardstock, we'll be using a foam N shape because it will hold up to the glue and noodles better. Another good idea would be to glue on cutout pictures of noses to an N shape.

Name: Review child's name and how it is spelled. Make a name puzzle. Print the child's name on a piece of paper, on a second piece write the name again only this time cut the letters apart and mix them up. Have the child put them in the correct order using the first sheet as a guide. If your child already knows how to spell their name, you wouldn't need the first peice, but they'd probably still enjoy the puzzle activity.

Necklaces: Any variety you can think of! wagon wheel pasta would be a good choice, or any other easily threaded pasta. We painted cheerio's cereal (I have some that has gone why not use it!), and will thread it through with letter beads spelling the child's name.

Lacing Letter N

N is for Nest Sesame Street Coloring Page: