Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shape Box

I made a shape box. What is a shape box? Well, in this particular scenario a shape box is a box (betcha wouldn't have guessed that!) that has various shape materials in it. It contains wooden shape puzzle pieces (that have long ago had the puzzle board itself broken and tossed), index cards with a traced shape on them, the name of each shape is written on the back, and two of each shape cut from felt. After some time, there will also be household items that are examples of each shape, but I'm still in the process of collecting those items and will probably add them as we learn each shape. I'd like to do a box for each color too, but at this point I'm thinking that may have to wait until after "four" arrives. Ideally, it would be done before...as we are currently working on colors and shapes, but alas, life gets in it's own way. I'll keep you posted if I get to those color boxes. :-)

Blogger Neglect

Most of you found this blog via the homepreschool yahoogroup, or a birth board that I am a member of and therefore are probably aware that I am currently expecting baby #4. This has caused a great deal of blogger neglect. However, I'm going to try to get several projects completed in the next 2 months and hopefully will get them all posted to this and my other blog.