Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch Up!

So, it's been eternity and a day.

This is going to be my catch up post. :-)

ABC Book project: I'm taking photos of big colored in letters along with real life items that start with that letter and putting them in a 3 ring photo album for Three to use as we're learning the alphabet. So far the project has been a lot of fun for myself, AND One and Two who like coming up with more things that go with each letter. Here are a couple examples:

G is for Goldfish, and B is for blocks.

Snow angel:

Valentines Day craft:

Putting the tissue paper on the contact paper for the above craft.

"Working like Daddy." (notice he is well prepared...snack right there on the tray)

A "pigit" (picnic)

Three recently celebrated his 3rd birthday, in honor of such a wonderous event Mother Nature gave Three a double rainbow for his birthday.

This was a birthday craft. It was a large candle. He painted the paper for the candle, then I cut a flame shape from contact paper and he sprinkled glitter on the sticky side. Then I sealed it shut and we glued it to the back of the candle.

Look forward:
I have put together a unit on Dental Health for this coming week. Three is now asking every day to "do school," and I've been doing a better job of getting things together. :) We are seeing the dentist for a cleaning (Three's 2nd visit, and his first visit where I won't be going back with him) in a couple weeks so we're going to go over all that sort of stuff again. He did phenomenal at his first visit, but we had talked about it A LOT, so I'm hoping. Ohh, and I'll be taking our Letter D to the dentist and get him to pose with it for our ABC book. Lucky me, our Dentist's name is "Dr. Don" so he's a 3 for one shot (Doctor, Don, Dentist!)